Need to Create a List of Kuwaiti Accredited International Universities

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: Accusations of neglect and inconsistency at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education persisted on Wednesday.
This time round, Independent MP Dr Salwa Al-Jassar condemned the ministry for overlooking the need to create a list of Kuwaiti accredited international universities and their degrees thereby harming the future of Kuwaiti students who have acquired unaccredited diplomas.

Speaking at a press conference, Al-Jassar said that the methods used by the ministry to assess international universities are subjective and inaccurate. She called for the creation of an academic accreditation commission specifically for that purpose since international universities are not being assessed accurately.
There are currently more than 10 Kuwaiti students from the Philippines who cannot get their certificates accredited in Kuwait. According to Al-Jassar, they have obtained their degrees from the Philippines by following the scholarship procedures of the Civil Services Commission after a written approval from the Ministry of Higher Education.
“We have the documents that prove that the universities in the Philippines were approved by the higher education of Kuwait. What we need now is a formal accreditation or a letter from the ministry saying they will not accredit the degrees so that the students can resort to the judicial system,” she said.
Al-Jassar revealed that resolutions number 182 and 198 regarding accreditation in Kuwait did not include students who were studying in the Philippines prior to the issuance of the decisions.
“However, three days after the resolutions’ issuance, another decision was made that rejects any degree coming from the Philippines. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health approve nursing degrees coming from the Philippines,” she added.
Furthermore, Al-Jassar said that the graduates are currently facing salary cuts due to their unaccredited degrees and that there are more students already studying in the Philippines who will face similar problems in the future.
On his part, Hamad Al-Sawagh, a graduate from the Philippines, explained that the former Minister of Education and Higher Education, Nouria Al-Sabeeh, has previously halted any enrolment in the Philippines with the issuance of resolution 182. However, this does not include the students who were studying in the country before the decision was made in 2009. “Subsequently, resolution 198 was made discrediting all degrees coming from the Philippines retroactively, which is against the Constitution,” he said.
Al-Sawagh added the diplomas were also authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that the documents were ignored by the Ministry of Higher Education.
The students have refused suggestions by the ministry to cancel their studies and start again or get monetary compensation. Furthermore, they’ve expressed their disappointment that the ministries have approved the degrees of Philippine residents in 2010 while it maintains the refusal of Kuwaiti students’ degrees.

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