Israel imposes curriculum changes, including Jewish Holocaust while ignoring Nakba

Palestinian refugeesNew syllabus will be compulsory across all education levels for Palestinians in 1948 areas.

Ramallah: The Israeli Education Ministry decided on Monday to include the Jewish Holocaust in the curriculum for Palestinians in 1948 areas and to force students to study it on a large scale. The Ministry on the other hand refused to include the Nakba Day in the curriculum.

According to the Jewish news site Walla, the plan was formalised last year following instructions from the former Israeli education minister Shai Piron. The plan will be put in place this year and includes Palestinian students in the 1948 area across all educational levels including elementary and secondary school (Grade seven to Grade 12 students).

The Israeli Education Ministry will start distributing the new text books that include detailed accounts of the Holocaust in the coming days to be used as official text books by the education staff in the 1948 areas.

The news site reported that as Israel marks this year’s Holocaust, senior officials from the Israeli Education Ministry will meet with Palestinian officials and community leaders from the 1948 areas to finalise plans to put the new text books in use.

Walla said that the Israeli Education Ministry wants to push through the agenda by this educational year-end and expects all non-Jewish schools to adhere to the new curriculum.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Education Ministry has categorically rejected suggestions to include the Palestinian Nakba Day in the curriculum of the Palestinian schools in the 1948 areas.

Israel’s former education minister Piron had shown support for the addition of the Nakba Day in the curriculum, but the minister’s comments stirred controversy in Israel.

Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe) is commemorated on May 15 in Palestine and by the diaspora after to commemorate the three quarters of a million Palestinians who fled or were expelled from their villages and towns in the 1948 areas as Israel seized their land.

Former Israeli education minister Gideon Sa’ar led criticism against Piron, stating on his Facebook page that “a state can not legitimise a perception that views its own formation as a catastrophe.”

Article Source: Gulf News

“500 destroyed villages, mass exile, killing, suffering and banishment. When will the students of Israel learn about that?” asked Ahmad Al Tibi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset, who commented in response to Sa’ar’s comments.

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